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From years of experience in the Porsche Car industry and many a request Porsche Car Inspection is a natural compliment to Jasmine PorschaLink UKs core business.  Brian Goff and his experienced teams many years in business qualify them as acknowledged experts on the marque. During day to day business operations, they are constantly receiving requests to carry out Porsche Car Inspections.  This always interests them but as ever with their meticulous eye for detail, they wasn't prepared to start anything unless it was 100% ready to go.  Many hours have gone into compiling the structure behind all our specialist inspection reports.  They are all bespoke to each customers individual needs.  Jasmine PorschaLink UKs concern has grown in particular over the last few years when questionable cars have slipped into the market, exchanging hands only to be pulled up at the cost of the purchaser due to lack of basic research beforehand.  Sadly the days of a handshake being the honourable and upstanding agreement behind the purchase of a Porsche have long gone.


Being a Porsche Service Centre they are only too aware from experience, of the disappointment their customers have faced when finding their new purchase has major problems or worse, outstanding finance. Problems that could easily have been highlighted prior to purchase with even the most basic of their Porsche Car Inspections.


With many years involved with the Porsche Marque, Jasmine PorschaLink UK are in a unique position to offer a personal service to prospective purchasers of Porsche cars.  Safe in the knowledge that their experience relating to all years and models, they can expertly guide you through the daunting task of selecting your perfect Porsche.


We can offer you the following: -

If you are entering the Porsche world for the first time, may we introduce you to Jasmine PorschaLink UK.  We are an independent Porsche Servicing, MOT, Parts and Repair Centre established for over 17 genuine years.  We are not an Official Porsche Centre however we have been recognised as an affiliated member of the Porsche Trade Parts Programme by Porsche Cars Great Britain After Sales Strategy Team.  We only supply new or used Genuine Porsche Parts unless otherwise specifically stated.  Please visit our main site for further details at www.jasmine-porschalink.co.uk.

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